Color trends in the design and creative field are updated constantly. Pantone has their “color of the year;” the fashion industry changes from neon, to pastel, to black, and back to neon every other year. How are we supposed to stay current, but not fall out of the trends? By splitting up the thought process on how color is used. In branding, color trends can be used, when necessary. Be careful not to be too “trendy,” though, or your branding may fall out of trend just as quickly as the trend started. The best course for brand work is always – what is best for the client and the direction of the brand for years to come? Marketing on the other hand can focus on color combos and trends much more. As most marketing campaigns aren’t for the long-term, using the new color combos and colors trends are a great tool to stay current and relevant. Marketing – do what’s current and trending. Branding – do what’s right!